Canada Day Thoughts

My Late Canada Day Thoughts 加拿大国庆节有感By Yu Xuan Huang (CATV Intern)Canada day is a great moment of celebration for cities and provinces all over the country. However, one city in particular that s...(View All

The National Congress of Chinese Candians (Ontario) Presents held [I love Canada, Canada is my home]

July 1st is Canada's National Day, and there are various local celebrations in Canada. Although the sky was not beautiful and there was light rain that day, it still couldn't stop people's enthusiasm....(View All

A number of Chinese Associations Jointly Held a Cultural and Entertainment Performance to Celebrate

On June 30, 2022, in order to celebrate the 155th anniversary of the founding of Canada, the cultural and entertainment activities jointly organized by the Canadian Hua Feng Yun Art Seniors Group, the...(View All

Carol Chan Richmond Hill City Election 6th District Candidate Press Release

Carol Chan (Carol Chan) Richmond Hill City Election 6th District Candidate Press Release(June 28, 2022 Richmond Hill)Carol Chan obtained more than 110 signatures from residents earlier recommending he...(View All

LEVY: New cafe owner's business hit hard by pandemic and relentless construction

For Aroma Cafe owner Ben Chapari, surviving COVID was a piece of cake compared to the endless construction outside his downtown espresso bar.After enduring off and on construction on Wellington St. fo...(View All

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