Nearly 100 associations and individuals support Tony Luk's candidacy for mayor of Toronto

[CANADA] From:加拿大美洲电视台 CATV (07-02) Author: Yu Xuan Huang

The quadrennial Toronto mayoral race officially kicks off on May 2, 2022. Mr. Tony Luk submitted a campaign application to the Toronto City Government on the same day, becoming the first candidate to apply for the mayor of Toronto, and the first Chinese in history to run for mayor of Canada's largest city.



On June 25 (Saturday), Tony Luk held a press conference at the Diaoyutai State Banquet, in order to solicit opinions from friends from the community and the media, express his wishes, and introduce his reasons and ideas for running for election. Tony Ruprecht, former Minister of Immigration of Ontario, Coral Chan, former Education Commissioner of Richmond Hill and candidate for Richmond Hill City Council, Ye Jun, President of the Canadian Federation of College Alumni Associations, Kenny Tsui - CEO Chinese Canadian Hall of Fame (CCHOF), Li Chuyun, Executive Chairman of Shenzhen Federation of Associations, Shen Xieyuan, Secretary General of All-Canada Chinese Federation, Zhang Yi, Co-Chairman of China Business Alliance and Executive Chairman of Shanxi Merchants Canada General Chamber of Commerce, Cheng Jiong, Chief Planner of Overseas Elites of Readers and President of Toronto Business Club , [Feng Yiya Club] President Xin Yue, Tony Chau, Felix Cheung, and President Lu's family, nearly 100 community representatives and individuals, and nearly 50 media representatives came to this event to give Mr. Luk's candidacy for Toronto The mayor expressed support.


Mr. Luk, originally from Guangdong, China, came to Canada to study alone at the age of 16. During his student days, in order to raise tuition fees, he worked in various jobs, came into contact with many classes, and accumulated rich life experience. Years of immigrant life and work experience have allowed Lu Bingxiong to understand the struggles of many people of different ethnicities. In order to avoid detours for new immigrants, Tony is willing to do his best to help new immigrants. Over the past 40 years, he has been doing public welfare activities, serving the community, and has won various awards, including the Outstanding Volunteer 40-Year Service Award from Ontario.


It is reported that when learning that Mr. Luk signed up to run for mayor, many friends persuaded Mr. Luk that being mayor is a very hard job, so don’t participate, do a good job in business, and enjoy the rest of your life. Okay. In the face of the friendly persuasion of his friends, Mr. Luk strengthened his ideas, he said: "I know that running for mayor is a huge challenge for me. Maybe there are not many opponents who vote for me. Chinese should actively participate in politics. In Canada He hopes to play a positive role in his political life. He hopes that by participating in the Toronto mayoral election, he hopes to wake up friends around him, understand the operation of the government, understand that citizens should fulfill their responsibilities for the right to vote and the right to vote, and encourage everyone to actively vote for young people. Set a good example. I am not running for the title of mayor, but a kind of feeling, a kind of blood, if my campaign can drive my friends and neighbors around me to go out of the house and show my sacred vote , no matter who voted for, my purpose was achieved, and I felt like I was victorious."


During more than 40 years of living in Canada, Mr. Luk has participated in social work and volunteer work for more than 50 groups in Canada, and also served as the president, vice president and director of many non-profit-making communities, such as: in Heshan, Ontario Folks Association has been the president for over 30 years, helping seniors fill out forms, answering questions, etc.; participating in and supporting Boy Scout activities for over 20 years, helping with fundraising, etc.; he has served as the president of the Politics Alliance, actively encouraging and helping Chinese and Western friends participate in politics. He has also served as the president of the Research Chamber of Commerce for more than 25 years; served as a director of the China Consulting Office for 6 years; served as the vice president of the Duohua Association for 6 years; served as the president of the Ontario Hometown Association for more than 25 years. The success of his career and the happiness of his family made Mr. Luk feel that in this beautiful country of Canada, everyone has the opportunity to work hard to achieve success.


Tony participated in the election activities of the Toronto city government twice, the first time was to participate in the by-election of Toronto city councilors. Tony believes that participating in the election is to awaken our Chinese consciousness of participating in politics. We came to Canada as immigrants and we love our second home. Toronto is the largest multicultural city in the world, with immigrants from all over the world, but we are all Canadians, Toronto is our home, Toronto, the largest city in Canada, has made us successful in life, and it is what we should do for the community. , city, country to contribute. Mr. Luk's active participation in the mayoral election also proves his enthusiasm for giving back to the community.



More than 100 guests who attended Mr. Luk's press conference, from different associations and media, all supported Tony Luk's candidacy, and sincerely wished Mr. Luk a successful election and expressed their hearts to everyone.


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